Diving & Travel Insurance


 Everyone knows that getting travel insurance before they go on holiday is a good idea.  However, if you are planning on going Scuba Diving in Thailand then this is an absolute must as you are required to have insurance coverage if you are going to be going diving whilst in Thailand.  Not all travel insurance policies provide coverage for scuba diving, especially if you are planning on taking more advanced diving courses like Technical diving etc.  If you are a qualified diver going fun diving or taking a Discover Scuba Diving Experience (DSD) or Open Water course in order to get a license then the World Nomads travel insurance policy will cover you.  You can get a travel insurance quote using the form below now and then be safe in the knowledge that you are covered before you leave home, if you don’t already have insurance when you arrive at the dive centre then you can sign up in the dive shop before you go diving.

The travel insurance policy will cover you not just for diving but for a whole range of other possible problems which you can see more details of on the World Nomads website, but it will provide cover for a situation involving lost baggage, travel cancellations, medical expenses, etc.


If you are already away from home and traveling you can still sign up for insurance too.