Koh Lipe Dive Sites


There are some amazing dive sites around Koh Lipe, some of them you should be at least an Advanced Open Water qualified diver before you dive them.


 Kho Lipe has some of Thailand's best reefs most within a short longtail boat trip:

  • leopard shark Koh Lipe8 Mile Rock is a pinnacle located approximately 8 miles to the south of Koh Lipe and hence the name.  It takes over an hour to get to 8 Mile Rock using a traditional longtail boat, however, DJL Diving does have it's own RHIB that can get there much faster.  So if you want to arrange a trip to 8 Mile Rock on our RHIB drop into the dive shop to check out the availability as it isn't always available. The top of the pinnacle is 14 meters from the surface and this is your best chance of seeing the bigger fish around Koh Lipe like manta rays, whale sharks and leopard sharks. 
  • Between Ko Adang & Ko Rawi are great diving and snorkeling spots.  There are huge boulders with many types of rare fish and coral species on the reef in this area and it's a great place for drift diving too. 
  • Yong Hua Shipwreck is a fish-factory ship which caught fire whilst anchored near the western end of Ko Lipe and sank and sits in 45m of water.  The eel Koh Lipeshipwreck is completely covered in marine growth and inhabited by schools of fish.  This shipwreck does often have strong currents making it a difficult dive and not recommended for novices and so it's popular with our Technical Divers. 
  • Hin Takorn Dukong is located in the centre of the marine park.  This is a great dive site that has pretty much any type of fish you can think of.  The site itself is littered with granite stones shaped like building blocks rising up from the seabed with a series of tall points at its peak.  The dive site is up to 18m deep and has hard and soft corals.  There are many different types of eels such as snake eels, different types of lionfish and stonefish.

    ghost pipe fish

  • Ko Bu Tang. Has become one of the most popular islands to dive with Monkey Bay, Sting Ray City and Ko Lokoi.  There you will see lots of tall corals and ghost pipefish, sharks and also a good chance to see sea turtles.
  • Ko Sawang. This tiny island is located on the outer edge of the archipelago which has fantastic coral gardens growing on the rocky outcrops below.
  • Ko Langcha. Between Langcha and Adang has a nice coral garden where you can see all sorts including rays and eels.blue spotted ray

Currents: The currents here are predominantly tidal which means that at certain times of the month strong currents exist. At other times, none at all. You can always find somewhere good to dive but the widest selection of dive sites is available twice a month, following the half-moon.

Larger fauna: You are more likely on sites around the edge of the marine park, nearer the deeper waters, so for the best chance, to see Mantas, Whale Sharks and sharks then you should try to visit 8 Mile Rock, Stonehenge or Ko Pung.