How to get to Koh Lipe Thailand

 There are 3 main ways to get to Koh Lipe all of them involve taking a ferry.Tigerline Ferries to Koh Lipe

Ferry from Langkawi to Koh Lipe

If you are in Langkawi in Malaysia then you can take a ferry directly from there to Koh Lipe and it takes around 1hrs 30mins and costs 1,000 baht and you can book that online via the website.

Ferry from Pak Bara to Koh Lipe

If you are coming from the mainland in Thailand then the closest pier to take a ferry from is in Pak Bara which is about 1 hour from the airport, train or bus station in Hat Yai.  From Pak Bara the ferry to Koh Lipe takes 1hrs 30mins - 2hrs depending on the ferry that you take and costs between 550 - 750 baht.  You can book the ferry via the website and if you need a transfer from Hat Yai you can book that in too as one trip straight through to Koh Lipe.

Ferry from either Koh Lanta, Phuket, or Koh Phi Phi

 If you are on Phuket or Koh Phi Phi you can book a ferry to Koh Lipe, the ferries start off in Phuket and stop off at Koh Phi Phi on the way to Koh Lipe.  If you are starting in Phuket then it will take 4-5hrs to get to Koh Lipe and cost between 2,300 - 2,900 baht.  If you are starting the trip from Koh Phi Phi then the trip will take between 3-4hrs and it will cost between 1,800-2,000 baht and you can book those tickets through the website.


If you are coming from elsewhere in Thailand then you can take buses, trains, or flights to Hat Yai and those too you can book in via the website, if you need any help working out the best way to get to Koh Lipe then please get in contact and we'll be happy to help.