PADI Advanced Open Water course - Koh Lipe


Koh Lipe is a great place to take your Advanced Open Water course as there are some fantastic dive sites to explore and there is also the option to take the Drift Adventure dive here.  One of the major attractions for most people of getting certified as an Advanced Open Water diver is that once certified as an Advanced diver then you are qualified to dive to 30m.

 The Advanced Open Water course is usually run over 2 here on Koh Lipe, the course consists of 5 adventure dives, 2 of these are mandatory and those are the Deep and Navigation adventure dives.

If you are already on Koh Lipe the day before you are going to start the Advanced Open Water course then if you call into the dive shop we can give you the knowledge reviews for the course so that you can complete those before you come in on the day that you are going to start the course.

Day 1 of the Advanced Open Water course

On the first day of the course, we get you to come into the dive shop at 10:30 am and if you have already completed the knowledge reviews for the course then you will just go through those with your Instructor.  If you haven't already completed the knowledge reviews then you will start going through those before going out on our afternoon dive boat to complete the first two adventure dives that afternoon.  You have to complete the knowledge reviews before you can be certified by your Instructor at the end of the course, but you don't have to complete them before you take the adventure dives.

Day 2 of the Advanced course

 On the second day of the Advanced course we meet up for our morning dive boat at 8 am and go out to complete 2 more dives of the course and then we will complete the final dive off our afternoon dive boat and then you can either come back to the dive shop or take an additional fun dive, this will most likely depend on if you are planning to take an afternoon ferry off the island or not.

 Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive Koh Lipe

The Advanced course consists of 5 Adventure dives, 2 of which are compulsory which are the Deep and Navigation dives, then you need pick 3 other Adventure dives, some of these we can't offer on Koh Lipe like the Night dive which isn't allowed in the national park and the Altitude dive which we can't offer because we're at sea level.

The Adventure dives that you can pick from are as follows;

Drift Adventure Dive:

Here on Koh Lipe, we do get some strong currents as the tides change and so this means we can do drift dives here where you will get pulled along a dive site by the current which is a different way to explore a dive site.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Peak Performance Buoyancy is a popular adventure dive to take on the Advanced course especially for people who don't have a lot of diving experience as this adventure dive will help you to learn to control your position in the water so that you can dive like a pro.

Multi-level & Computer Dive:

Deep diving is fun as it extends the limits of your exploration, but bottom time becomes limited if you follow a single level dive profile. If we move to a more sophisticated planning technique, using a multi-level plan (and back this up by wearing a dive computer) we can vastly increase our available bottom time. This also allows us an opportunity to make another great deep dive.

Underwater Naturalist:

Learn to appreciate the relationships between different marine species and start to identify some of the different organisms that we encounter in the underwater world.

Search and Recovery:

Learn how to execute some of the most common underwater search patterns such as a U - search or expanding square. We'll also show you how to use lift bags to recover objects that are too heavy for you to safely recover with just your BCD.

Underwater Photography:

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of an underwater David Bailey? (if you are under 40 you probably won't have a clue who this is) If so you mayPADI Underwater Photography Adventure Dive enjoy trying this Adventure dive, before you go on the dive we'll give you some tips on how to use the camera and some tips to get the best shots and then we'll let you loose on the marine life around Koh Lipe armed with your camera. We'll then burn the photos onto CD so you have a nice souvenir to take home. Costs 1500 baht extra for camera rental and DVD of pictures.

Fish Identification:

It's always good to know what you're looking at and the Fish ID course will help you to learn the different fish at the sites that you dive.Fish Identification Lion Fish Koh Lipe


The prerequisite to take the Advanced Open Water course is that you need to have completed the Open Water course or an equivalent course via a different diving agency.


Course cost is 11,500 baht




Payment for PADI Advanced Open Water - Koh Lipe

You can book in the PADI Advanced Open Water course by paying a 20% deposit for it here, so you will pay a 2,300 baht deposit now and then pay the 9,200 baht balance when you check into the dive shop when you arrive here.

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