PADI Rescue Diver & Emergency First Responder (EFR) Courses

The Rescue Diver course is a 3-day course that will teach you how to manage problems in the water, be prepared to help others if you need to.
For the Rescue Diver course, you do need to have a current Emergency First Responder(EFR) certification ( including CPR and First Aid). For EFR certifications to be current you must have completed that training or refreshed it in the previous 24 months. If you don't, you can complete an EFR course here on Koh Lipe before the Rescue Diver course and that takes 1 day.
The schedule for the Rescue Diver course here on Koh Lipe will depend on when the high tides are. As we'll complete the confined water skill sessions off the beach in front of the dive shop. On the first day of the course, you'll complete the theory for the course and some of the confined practice skills.
On day 2 we'll complete the confined skills and then head out into the ocean to complete the first 2 dives on the course.
On day 3 we'll complete the final dives of the course and then head back to the dive center to complete your logbooks.

What are the prerequisites to take the Rescue Diver course other than a current EFR certification?

You need to be a qualified Advanced Open Water or Adventure diver (or equivalent) and at least 12 years old. Junior Adventure Divers must also have completed the Navigation Adventure dive. There is no required number of logged dives that you need to have completed for this course.

What options are next after the PADI Rescue Diver course?

After Rescue Diver, you can decide to go down the Pro Diving route if you like with the Divemaster course. If you are planning on taking the Divemaster course then you need to have at least 40 logged dives to start that. If you are planning to become an Instructor afterward then this the route to take.
If you aren't planning on becoming a Diving professional then there are other options too. To become a better diver then PADI Specialties and the Master Scuba Diver qualification will help you to further your diving skills. Tech Diving is ideal for those who want to push their diving limits.



Payment for PADI Rescue Diver + EFR - Koh Lipe

You can book the EFR + PADI Rescue Diver courses by paying a 20% deposit for it here, so you will pay a 3,400 baht deposit now and then pay the 13,600 baht balance when you check into the dive shop when you arrive here.

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