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Koh Lipe Discover Scuba Diving off the beachHave you ever wanted to try scuba diving, but weren't sure if you wanted to commit to taking the PADI Open Water course?  Then the PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) 1-day experience is the ideal way to dip your toe in the water as it where.  With the DSD you will go through some basic diving theory and then a few skills like how to clear your mask and how to recover your regulator if it were to come out of your mouth during the dive.

Then we usually conduct the DSD dive off the beach in front of the dive shop, if the tide means that we are unable to do this then we'll take our longtail boat to another bay close by where we can do the dives from the beach. 

The DSD dives usually last between 30-40 minutes as they are at a shallow depth to a maximum of 12 meters, but the length of the dive is ultimately determined by your air consumption and generally when people first dive they tend to go through their air fairly quickly as they aren't used to controlling their breathing like experienced divers.  Some other factors that can affect the rate that people consume their air is if they are excited or nervous but also bigger people go through more air than smaller people and so children usually have better air consumption than adults etc.

The cost to take one Discover Scuba Dive is 2,500 baht and then you do also have the option to take a second dive for an additional 1,000 baht and you can decide if you would like to do that after you have taken the first dive.  If you have done a DSD dive before and so know in advance that you would like to take two dives then you can sign up for those in advance.

You can book in for either one or two DSD dives by making a deposit for them using the booking form below.  If you enjoy the Discover Scuba Dive and were taking it to see if you like Scuba Diving or not and decide that you would like to carry on and take the Open Water certification with us then we will give you a 1,000 baht discount off the cost of the Open Water course, this offer does only apply if you have taken the Discover Scuba Diving experience with us here at DJL Diving Koh Lipe though.


Payment for Discover Scuba Diving - Koh Lipe

You can book in the Discover Scuba Dive Experience by paying 20% deposit of either 500 baht for 1 dive or 700 baht for 2 dives then just pay the balance at the dive shop. If you aren't sure if you want to take 1 or 2 dives then you can just book in for 1 dive and if you decide to take a second dive when you are out on the dive boat you can then just pay the additional 1,000 baht for that when you get back to the dive shop.

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