Fun Diving Packages on Koh Lipe


Many people that come to Koh Lipe are already qualified divers and looking to go fun diving to explore the dive sites around Koh Lipe whilst they are here.

At Davy Jones Locker we offer both single day diving options and multiple day fun diving packages for people who already have diving qualifications and want to explore the Koh Lipe dive sites around Koh Lipe.

DJL has it's own traditional Thai longtail boat for diving from as well as it's own high speed Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (Rhib) which we can use to get to some of the further away dive sites in the Tarutao National Marine Park quickly.


DJL Diving Koh Lipe scuba dive packages for single day diving trips are as follows;


 1 Beach Dive - 1,500 baht

2 Boat Dives - 2.800 baht

3 Boat Dives - 3,500 baht

1 Adventure Dive - 2,500 baht


DJL Diving Koh Lipe's scuba diving packages for multiple day trips are as follows;


2 Day Fun Dive Package with 4 Boat Dives - 5,400 baht (includes 1 night of free accommodation in AC dorm)

3 Day Fun Dive Package with 6 Boat Dives - 7,650 baht (including 2 nights of free accommodation in AC dorm)

3-4 Day Fun Dive Package with 8 Boat Dives - 9,600 baht (including 2 nights of free accommodation in AC dorm)

4-5 Day Fun Dive Package with 10 Boat Dives - B,500 baht (including 4 nights of free accommodation in AC dorm)

1 Week Fun Dive Package with 14 Boat Dives - 14,000 baht (including 6 nights of free accommodation in AC dorm)


Accommodation in our dormitories is subject to availability, so it is best to book in early if you want to also reserve a bed in one of the dorms.  You can contactus to check on availability before you make your deposit.

Note at the moment in Thailand due to the Covid-19 pandemic we aren't allowed to offer people our dorm beds sorry, so please check before booking if this is still going to be the case for whilst you are planning to be here, at the moment there doesn't seem to any planned changes to this government policy.

Payment for Fun Diving - Koh Lipe

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